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Studio William
Studio William Welch Ltd
Goose Hill
Chipping Campden
GL55 6NU
Tel. 0044 1386800000


United Kingdom

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We are Studio William, we design and supply beautiful cutlery to the worlds finest fine dining venues, with a wide range of styles and innovative tools to offer. Established in 2005, Studio William has grown to become the worlds most award winning cutlery company.

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Fiddle Vintage Satin Cutlery

With its traditional style, bursting with heritage, Fiddle is situated perfectly for ‘Shabby Chic’ casual dining. Made from 18/0 stainless steel with a vintage satin finish, with a New meets old wo...

Mulberry Cutlery

Sophisticated and timeless, the award winning Mulberry pattern design is perfect for both contemporary and traditional table settings.

Balsa Cutlery

The latest edition to the Studio William forest, Balsa features unique and dynamic details, that compliment and enhance your dining experience.

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Cutlery | Cutlery | Knives/Utensils | Ranges


Studio William
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Oct 31, 2017

Tilia Obsidian German Design Award 2018

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Dynamic, exclusive, timeless and luxurious, the Tilia Obsidian range has been award a distinction in this year’s German Design Awards 2018. This is the third time Studio William has been awarded the incredibly elusive German Design Award, three years running.
The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene. The German Design Council, the expert for brand and design in Germany, bestows the German Design Award. Commissioned by the highest authority, the award represents new developments in the design industry.

Tilia Cutlery is designed as a beautiful transition between Eastern and Western cultures, Chopsticks meeting knives forks and spoons. The pattern is deliberately elongated and slender looking with beautiful 4.5mm gauge handles in the forks and spoons for refined weight and balance. The edges of the handles are finished with delicate radii to ensure good ergonomics but still allowing for the flat handle sections to reflect simplistic modernism back to the user.
For Tilia Obsidian, we used a BLACK PVD Titanium Coating. This technology often used in association with engineering, milling and machining. Cutting tools are often coated in 10-25 microns of titanium to create super tough durability. The coating protects the steel and dramatically reduces wear and tear on the product.
Studio William has used the titanium technology to coat the Tilia cutlery design for two technical reasons and one aesthetic reason. Technical reasons for Titanium Coating: Firstly, the titanium coating ensures durability and sustainability for many, many years, lasting much longer than traditional decorative coatings like Silver plate or even normal stainless steel mirror polishing. Secondly, it is scratch resistant and does not scratch as easily as normal stainless steel cutlery.
Aesthetic reasons for Titanium Coating: The black titanium allows Tilia to obtain an aesthetic relationship towards Eastern Cultural use of beautiful lacquered (or Shellac) varnishes often used in wooden chopsticks and bowls. The black titanium is then off-set against white dinnerware to make a stark and striking silhouette to help create a unique dining experience.

The cutlery is dishwasher safe and can be used in domestic as well as commercial environments such as restaurants and hotels.

Dec 18, 2015

Award Winning Balsa

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Studio William, Balsa has just been awarded the Good Design award 2015, from the Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design.
Balsa has an elegant, clean form, combined with sophisticated balance and ergonomics. This is only achieved utilizing the highest manufacturing skills.

The top surface of the knives has a totally flat, clean form. The knives have an unexpected choil on the underside of the handles which allows for a dramatic reduction in gauge thickness. This enables us to achieve the refined weight and balance.

The pattern has deliberately elongated and slender looking fork heads and spoon bowls to enable the diner to pick up smaller food portion sizes, this allows the diner to really think about the tastes & textures chef has created.

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