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United Kingdom

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Ordamo Mark IV Tablets are the best, most modular, lowest cost tablet and app based interactive restaurant ordering solution on the market

The Ordamo v3 combines the latest projection, computing, wireless, and camera technology into a single, industrially robust, elegant casing projecting an interactive environment from a unitary ceiling grid.

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Ordamo Mark IV

Ordamo Mark IV Tablets are the best, most modular, lowest cost tablet and app based interactive restaurant ordering solution on the market

Ordamo v4

The Ordamo v4 combines the latest projection, computing, wireless, and camera technology into a single, industrially robust, elegant casing projecting an interactive environment from a unitary ceil...

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Interior Design | Lighting | Bar/Pub Management Systems | Computer Hardware | Computer Software | Hand Held Technology | Wireless Technology | Menu Accessories | Loyalty Programmes | Point-of-sale/EPOS Systems


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Press Releases:

Feb 12, 2018

The Technology Changing Hospitality in 2018

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The Technology Changing Hospitality in 2018

The world of hospitality is being disrupted by technology and 2018 sees three small, British companies, leading the charge: Ordamo; the company behind interactive menu experiences, Corkscrew; the app that takes the stress and guesswork out of ordering the perfect wine in restaurants and Crave; the market leader in in-room hotel tablets.

The benefits of restaurant table-top technology to both the restaurateurs’ and their customers are numerous and have been proven time again by rigorous study. In a survey by Toast (1), 79% of diners agreed that restaurant technology improves their guest experience and in a study run by the Cornell University of Hotel Administration (2), 83% of guests reported that a table-top order and payment device increased their likelihood to return to a restaurant. Ordamo commissioned an extensive survey of 1,500 consumers, to establish their expectations when it comes to ordering in a restaurant and were unsurprised by the results: 91% of consumers find it annoying being ignored by staff because this slows down service and 52% would like to be able to order their food and drink using a digital tablet or app. In 2018, Ordamo aims to help industry leaders use table-top technology to create an unparalleled customer experience.

Ordamo is the sister company to the renowned Inamo restaurants; whose first site opened in London 2008, wowing customers with their ground-breaking interactive projections.

Daniel Potter, C.E.O of Ordamo commented: “Consumers have never had so much choice when choosing to dine out in a restaurant. It comes as no surprise that they are now turning to digital platforms to enhance their dining out experience.’

Start-up App, Corkscrew, want to revolutionise how customers order wine at a restaurant, by becoming ‘the sommelier in your pocket’. Corkscrew matches the perfect wine for your meal based on your specific dish choice. The app uses the live wine lists from hundreds of restaurants in the UK, with many more added every week

Corkscrew Director and founder, Matt Gertner says: “nice quote from Matt here about the exciting plans for 2018”

Corkscrew had an excellent end to 2017, when they secured significant investment at a £2.2 million valuation. They have big plans for 2018. They have recently launched ‘Corkscrew Everywhere’, meaning users can benefit from the app in cities all over the world.

The app has certainly won over fans with impressive credentials:
“I was very sceptical that an app could make wine recommendations worthy of an experienced sommelier, but Corkscrew has made a believer out of me.”
Comment from Thierry Tomasin -Former Head Sommelier, Le Gavroche and Former Head of UK Sommelier Association

Hotel e-menu provider Crave Interactive are the world leading developer of digital guest services for hotels, including food ordering, digital concierge, entertainment and automation via proprietary in-room tablets.

2018 has started strongly; achieving the number one spot on Hotel Tech Report’s rankings for Guest Room Tablets (4), seeing off stiff competition from their international competitors and cementing their standing as the market leader.

It is not a position they look set to lose, as they have in 2017, installed 1800 tablets into rooms at the stunning Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in The Bahamas.

Crave’s tablets use their own version of the Android operating system (Crave OS). This gives Crave total freedom to create a locked-down environment that is designed for delivering high quality guest services as per the wishes of our hotel clients, in an intuitive and secure manner. It’s this technology that looks to ensure 2018 is a record year for them.

Crave Interactive, Corkscrew and Ordamo are affiliated companies, as all have received investment from Potter Ventures Ltd.

For further details about Ordamo, visit www.ordamo.com
For further details about the Corkscrew app, visit www.corkscrew.co.uk
For further details about Crave’s in-house tablets, visit www.crave-emanu.com.

Note to editors:

1. ‘Toast. Restaurant Technology in 2016: Dining Edition’

2. ‘E la Carte Partners with Professor Alex Susskind of Cornell School of Hotel Administration to Examine Effects of Pay-At-Table Technology’ (15 August 2016)
Business Wire
Belinsky, Mark

3. https://hoteltechreport.com/companies/guest-facing-tech/guest-room-tablets/

About Ordamo Ltd
Ordamo was founded in June 2015, with the sole ambition of providing a smart technology solution for hospitality operators looking to increase sales, by providing an interactive menu experience for customers. In just a short space of time, the business has built a reputation as the innovators disrupting the future of dining, cementing those credentials most recently as ‘Innovation Finalists’ at HOSPACE and Hotelympia 2016.

Its tablet and app-based menu ordering platform drives upselling opportunities, whilst most importantly increasing sales for operators. Each tablet has been meticulously crafted to prioritise the dishes an operator wants to promote.

In addition, operators can take advantage of valuable data provided by the platform to gain real-time insight into the performance of the front-of-house team, a customer’s favourite dish and their thoughts on service and ambience. The analytics provide operators with a wealth of opportunities to improve their processes and market to customers, whilst opening an ongoing channel for future engagement to drive loyalty.

Media Information: contact Lucy Grainger, Ordamo 87 Arlington Road, London NW1 7ES T: 0207 388 7773, or email: lucy@ordamo.com

About Corkscrew
Corkscrew was founded in 2016 by Matt Gertner with the ambition of making everyone feel more confident about ordering wine and demystifying the process.

Everyone knows the feeling of staring helplessly at a wine list without a clear idea of which wine you should choose. Picking wine in a restaurant can be a frustrating experience and many of us plump for the second cheapest wine on the list, invariably a bad choice.
The combination of their revolutionary software and highly regarded in-house expert sommelier means Corkscrew are quickly changing the way consumers order wine.

Media Information: contact Matt Gertner, Corkscrew, 93 Chestnut Avenue, London, England, E7 0JF email: djoannides@corkscrew.co.uk

About Crave Interactive Ltd
Formed in 2009, UK-based Crave Interactive is a leading provider of cutting-edge in-room tablets designed for hotels of any size. Crave is a global company with its development centre located in The Netherlands as well as offices in Las Vegas and Bangkok.

At the heart of its product is Crave Cloud, a powerful software platform that allows hotels to manage and control the services provided for guests, and has taken more than 35 man-years to develop.

Crave in-room tablets and Crave Directory revolutionize the guest experience with one-touch access to hotel amenities ranging from a digital hotel directory, bedside alarm & TV controls to total room control integrations, in-room dining, spa reservations, multinational newspapers, travel guides and more.

Media Information: contact RJ Beavers, Interchange Business Centre Howard Way, Interchange Park, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 9PY, 01908 926440 or email: rj.beavers@crave-emenu.com

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