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Afternoon Tea may NEVER be the same again!

Multi-Award winning FLORA TEA featured on BBC Dragons’ Den, Visitors will be able to see a live demonstration and taste our Great Taste top 3-Star Gold award winning Flora Teas.

The best kept secret in tea… until now! Once Discovered, Never Forgotten!

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Flora Tea

Flora Teas™ are hand-tied individual first-pick tea tips (Green tea) with selected dried aromatic flowers forming a tea ball/heart, which reveals its secret centre when placed in boiling water, blo...

FLORA TEA Loose Leaf Tea

Has been named as one of the Top 50 Foods in Britain from the Great Taste Awards 2017. A fantastic range of premium leaf teas with unique blends presented in loose leaf or biodegradable pyramids.

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Baths | Health & Beauty Products | Spa Products | Hot Beverages | Ingredients | Non-Alcoholic Cold Drinks | Non-UK Food Products | Speciality British Food & Drink Products | Glassware

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Jan 28, 2018

FLORA TEA - Afternoon tea may NEVER be the same again

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Flora Tea-Tox
-- Afternoon tea may NEVER be the same again.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your digestion or simply want to de-tox, Flora Tea might just have the answer this Winner. The unique Flora tea not only brings magic to tea time, but is packed with powerful health benefits.

Each tea heart contains green tea tips which are picked by hand, high up in the mountains of Southern China. The Flora Tea Master ensures only the finest grade of green tea is used to create the perfect tea spheres and guarantee the smoothest taste. Rich in antioxidants, the green tea acts as a natural detoxifier and offers a host of natural health benefits from stimulating the immune system to weight loss.

The dazzling variety of Flora Tea includes Lily Fairy, Jasmine with Love and Oriental Beauty. Blended with the young first picked green tea buds, each flower enclosed within the tea heart offers further health benefits and a delicate flavour. Jasmine Flora Tea is made just once a year when the jasmine flower blossoms in summer – each flower gently infuses the green tea with its distinctive aroma and taste.

Every Flora Tea heart is painstakingly assembled and tied by hand on the family-run tea estate and packed individually in foil to ensure the freshest flavour. When immersed in boiling water each tea heart slowly unfurls to reveal its secret centre. What follows is a sensory delight – the flower blooms into an artistic and captivating display of colour and the delicately perfumed aroma provides the most exotic experience.

Our exclusive Flora Teas have already proved to be hugely popular and very successful for selected hotels, restaurants, tea & coffee shops, spas, casinos, hair salons and many events like weddings and dinner balls throughout the UK and Europe, with our sales and reputation expanding rapidly. Our unique premier Flora Teas can become an extra talking point for any business and help to build new customers.

Please watch our promotional video at www.FLORATEA.com. To request images, electronic press releases, samples or for further information please email sales@floratea.com, alternatively to see for yourself, experience and taste the secrets of FLORA TEA, you can meet us at the Hotelympia Show 2018 from 5th – 8th March 2018 at ExCel, London on stand 3661. Once Discovered, Never Forgotten!

We look forward to sharing FLORA's secret, unique to our teas, with you.

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