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Managing Director


Partners In Purchasing


Diana Spellman, Managing Director, founded PARTNERS IN PURCHASING LTD (PIP) in 1998 and established the company as the premier quality food, beverage ingredient & catering services sourcing agency which buys food and beverages for 120 million meals a year for a wide range of companies and corporations, banks, investment houses, pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, sport, schools and hospitals. PIP is the market leading buying group for innovative, trending, new-to-market solutions.

Honours have been awarded for their commercial, research and environmental achievements leading to requests to inform audiences of the technological advancements in food. The presentation on “It’s a bugs world” at the BIFM London Conference and the Oxford Farming Conference created a sensation, trending on twitter reaching 40,000 personal and company profiles. The resulting research at the Engineering Dept at Cambridge has led to world leaders in agriculture, agri-tech and research companies to invest as this new source of protein. You may not be too pleased with us when you see bug burgers on the grubber menu next year!!

As an entrepreneur of 20 years, we have provided services for the majority off the top 100 private and listed Global, International and UK companies, our buying, purchasing and procurement services are respected as the most reliable and definitive index of food and beverage prices for Hospitality. PIP has saved over £50m for clients within our lifespan.

Awards gained from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, Footprint Health and Vitality Roll of Honours, Footprint Triple Bottom Line Procurement and Nuffield Agricultural Trust and National Racing Owners and Trainers Association.

Diana leads her company gaining skills in all areas of Product Sourcing, Supply Chain, Auditing, Marketing, Finding new customers, Margin Management, Sales, Finance, Trend spotting, Investment and Leadership.. For more information, please contact: Diana Spellman; Mobile 07738720093