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Job Role

Co-Founder / Marketing Director


Tiny Leaf


Alice’s career began in food marketing, carving out a considerable reputation as a strategist and project manager. Having led campaigns for some of the UKs most well known food brands she became disenchanted with the demands of pushing unhealthy food on the public at the cost of the earth’s resources. Alice then pursued a career in conservation taking on the role of Operations and Marketing Director for Paul Lister’s re-wilding charity The European Nature Trust (famed for its goal of re-introducing bears and wolves to the UK).
Alice then embarked on her most exciting journey yet, the launch of Tiny Leaf, London and the UK’s first restaurant / events company focussed on organic, vegetarian, zero waste food. Since its viral launch in 2016 Alice has been expanding the events side of the business and taking the message of sustainable eating on the road by public speaking at some of the growing number of sustainability events taking place across the UK.