Programme of Classes and Sponsors

International Salon Culinaire at Hotelympia will comprise a wide range of classes for competitors of all levels to participate in, plus will provide an entertaining and inspirational programme of chef competitions for the show attendees to enjoy.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for your support, the full programme is listed below, anyone interested in entering a competition should visit the competitors’ zone where full information plus entry facilities can be found.


Live Theatre 

Class Number Description Sponsor
Junior Classes
JLT1 Junior Lamb

 worshipful company of cooks

The Worshipful Company of Cooks

British Culinary Federation Young Chefs' Challenge
 worl association of chefs
JLT3 Perfect Pasta - Junior
Open Classes
Tilda Chef of the Year  Tilda  craft guild of chefs
Perfect Pasta - Open  CCS  RAK
Duo of Duck Dishes
Silver Hill Foods
Master Chefs of Great Britain Challenge
Masterchefs of Great Britain   Scottish Salmon
Association of Pastry Chefs Dessert of the Year 2016
Association of pastry chefs CCS Barry Callebaut
Grab and Go Dough Ball Challenge  Pan Artisan
LT7 Elior Street Food Challenge  Elior
LT8 Freestyle Contemporary Dessert   Le Corden Bleu
Team Classes
LT9 Churchill Chef & Potter Grand Prix Churchill
LT10 The TUCO Cook and Service Challenge  TUCO
LT11 The Flavour Challenge  Mc Cormick Schwartz
LT12 Pro/Junior Team Challenge Gram
Restricted Classes
RLT1 Sodexo Chef of the Year - Grand Final


Supported by:

Knorr  Churchill  Leathmans

RLT2 Major Series Final Major International craft guild of chefs
RLT3 Hospital Chefs Team Event HCA  Hobart worshipful company of cooks
RLT4 The Lexington and Galvin Apprentice Cup Lexington and Galvin
RLT5 Craft Guild of Chefs Student Team Challenge Final   craft guild of chefs
RLT6 Tabasco Street Food Challenge 2016 Tabasco
RLT7 Stadium Events and Hospitality Awards Chef Team of the Year  Stadium Experience



Skills Theatre sponsored by 

Class Description Sponsor
ST1 Prepare a best end of lamb Fairfax
ST2 Whole duck butchery Fairfax
ST3 Lemon Sole Filleting World Skills
ST4 Seabass/Trout Preparation World Skills
ST5 Knife Skills World Skills
ST6 Avocado Starter World Skills
ST7 Shrimp Starter World Skills
ST8 Complex Salad Starter World Skills
ST9 Classical Sauces Major
ST10 Amuse Bouche Le
ST11 Tea Pastries Decoration Le
ST12 Live Gateau  World Skills
ST13 Roll Shaping Le
ST14 Flan Decoration Major
ST15 Sugarcraft Decoration Le
ST16 Flambe Work World Skills
ST17 Table Laying World Skills
ST18 Cocktail Mixology World Skills
ST19 Caesar's Salad Challenge World Skills

Salon Display sponsored by 
Senior Display Classes

Class Description Sponsor
Kitchen/Larder Section
K1 Works in Fat d

Restaurant Platter for Two People 

K3 Show or Presentation Platter d
Restaurant Plates Section
R1 Starter Plates f
R2 Restaurant Fish Course f
R3 Main Course d
R4 Innovative Four Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu d
R5 Innovative Dessert Plates c
Team Section
T1 Contract Food Service Plates   b
T2 Cold Buffet Table   b
T3 Event Catering   b
Restricted Section
SR1 School Caterers/Social Services   d
Pastry Section
P1 Table Piece    worl association of chefs
P2 Miniatures   c
P3 Tea Pastries   c
P4  Petits Four  c 
Sugarcraft Section
SC1 Entrance Sugarcraft Showpiece   jh
SC2 Small Decorative Exhibit   jh
SC3 Decorated Celebration Cake   jh
SC4  Novelty Cake (Not Carved)   jh
SC5  Sculpted Novelty Cake   jh
SC6  Decorated Easter Egg  jh
SC7 Handbag and Shoes   jh
SC8 Wedding Cake   jh
SC9 Floral Celebration Cake   jh
SC10  Floral Sugarcraft   jh
SC11 Floral Bouquet   jh
SC12 Decorated Cup Cakes   jh
SC13 A Trio of Sugarcraft   jh
Restricted Sugarcraft Section for LACA Members
SCR1 Decorated Celebration Cake   d
SCR2 Decorated Novelty Cake   d

Salon Display sponsored by 
Junior Display Classes 

Class Description Sponsor
Kitchen/Larder Section
JK1 Works in Fat HN
JK2 Vegetarian or Vegan Platter W
JK3 Innovative Plated Terrines d
Restaurant Plates Section
JR1 Starter Plates d
JR2 Restaurant Fish Course HN
JR3 Main Course d
JR4 Innovative Dessert Plate d
Pastry Section
JP1 Table Piece W
JP2 Tea Pastries d
JP3  Petit Fours d
Sugar Craft Section
JSC1 Celebration Cake g
JSC2 Novelty Cake g
JSC3 Wedding Cake g
JSC4 Floral Sugarcraft (sugar flowers)  g
Student Restricted Section
S1 Bread Rolls and Loaf x
S2 Canape Challenge s
S3 Terrine Display s
S4 Amuse Bouche Snacks s
S5 4 Course Fine Dining Meal s
S6 Dessert Challenge x
Student Restricted Sugarcraft Classes
RSC1 Decorated Celebration Cake g

Salon Headline and other sponsors

Type Sponsor
Salon Display
Headline Sponsor g
Skills Theatre
Headline Sponsor d
Sponsor f
Meat & Poultry Sponsor x



Induction hobs provided by Induced Energy



Live Theatre
Kitchen Equipment f v
La Parade des Chefs
Front of house staff k
Kitchen Equipment d 
Kitchen Equipment x
Refrigeration d
Table Ware
Table Ware d
Warewashing d
Salon Culinaire Additional Products
Judges Chef Jackets  j
Hygiene Products c
Commemorative Plates d
Disposables d
Equipment for Salon Office