Michelin starred tuition

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Michelin starred tuition
26 October 2011 10:37

Along with all the excitement of the new Michel Roux Jr Global sets, we here at Global HQ are also delighted to announce a Global Knife Skills DVD featuring Albert Roux, Brian Turner, Andrew Fairlie and Mino Tschuida to name but a few.


The films are in an accessible format to allow the viewer to master Michelin Knife Skills in area such as Fish, Carving and Sushi whilst being taught by some of the finest Michelin starred culinary hands in the business.


There are 4 films being released systematically in 6 week periods starting in July and leading up to the BBC Good Food Winter show held at the NEC in November. If you have not received the first one yet, let me know and keep your eye out for the next ones!


Later in the year the full DVD will be available to purchase individually or as one of the complimentary items in the Intermediate and Professional Block sets. This DVD is guaranteed to bring out the chef in you! It won’t matter if you have 1 Global or a full block, this DVD is set to make the ideal gift for amateur and professional chefs alike so keep your ear to the ground!


‘A massive thank you to all the chefs involved in the films’ says Rachel Grunwerg, ‘we are so pleased that they wanted to be part of a resource that teaches and informs the importance of investing in good knives and using them properly’.


Come dine with me? – Come dine with YOU!


In addition to the Knife Skills DVD we have also launched an Interactive Knife Guide which tells you all about different types of knives and what all the terminology means. This can be found through our usual website: www.Grunwerg.co.uk and following the link Knife Guide at the top of the home page or by clicking the following link: http://www.grunwerg.co.uk/glossary/



‘A lot of thought has gone into the Interactive Knife Guide’ says Rachel Grunwerg, Sales and Marketing manager, ‘We became increasingly aware, as the Knife People in the industry, that we wanted to provide a resource that helps our customers and end consumers understand the complexities behind these essential tools’.


To see the above range please visit www.Grunwerg.co.uk


For further information please contact 0114 275 6700 or email sales@grunwerg.co.uk

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