Cascade Chocolate Fountains

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Cascade Chocolate Fountains
4 October 2011 15:03

Introducing the Cascade Chocolate Fountains, the unique design entices customers, saves you money and is interchangeable with the standard fountain already sold by JM Posner! As the world's most chocolate efficient chocolate fountain, these models really do mean business. Not only does the SQ2 and SQ3 Cascades offer a unique new style , it also creates a talking point and up market alternative to a standard chocolate fountain. the top section is completely interchangeable with the JM Posner SQ2 and SQ3 Chocolate Fountain Base, giving you massive flexibility for your events.

PLUS...Intruducing the new Two Colour Chocolate Fountain SQ4 Cascade. The latest addition to the Cascade range of Chocolate Fountains from JM Posner, adds another dimension to your chocolate fountain business. Not only can you get the unique 'cup' design of the Cascade chocolate fountains, now you don't need to limit your clients to one flavour of chocolate. Offer a premium service to your customers and differentiate yourself from the competition with a chocolate fountain unlike any other. 


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