Scandinavian energy-efficient kitchen ventilation has arrived in the UK

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Scandinavian energy-efficient kitchen ventilation has arrived in the UK
25 April 2014 11:55

Jeven – the Scandinavian kitchen ventilation company that specialises in the research, development and manufacture of high-performance, energy-saving canopies – has now entered the UK catering market. Established in Finland in 1989, Jeven has provided canopies to kitchens in more than 20 countries.


Jeven is now bringing its state-of-the-art kitchen ventilation technology to the UK. With local manufacturing and a local sales team, they are ready to serve their British customers.


The most energy-efficient type of canopy being brought over to the UK is the TurboSwing canopy. There are three main factors that make TurboSwing canopies more energy-efficient than the other canopies available to the UK market: heat recovery, variable airflows and low pressure drop.


Heat recovery: in order to have efficient heat recovery, the exhaust air needs to be completely clean. Independent VDI-2052 tests show that the filtering technology in TurboSwing canopies has a superior performance. The air is then clean enough for heat recovery, as both the ducts and the heat exchanger remain clean.


Variable airflows: with the common filters found in the UK, it is not possible to have variable airflows efficiently. When the kitchen is not busy and the extraction system does not need to be on full power, you would ideally want to reduce the airflow dramatically. But with the common canopies found in the UK, this is not possible. Common filters need the air to hit them with a certain minimum speed, or otherwise the filter does not perform, and the ducts get dirty. With TurboSwing canopies, the filtering efficiency does not depend on the airflow, therefore making efficient variable airflows – and huge energy savings – possible.


Low pressure drop: common filters found in a UK have a very high pressure drop, in the range 100-400 Pa. Jeven canopies have a pressure drop in the region of 50 Pa, which makes it possible for the extractor fan to use a lot less energy.


The energy used by the extractor fan is calculated as a multiplication of two factors: the airflow times by the pressure drop, as in:


power = airflow x pressure drop


By using TurboSwing canopies, it is possible to greatly reduce both the airflow (because variable airflows are possible) and the pressure drop (due to the physical characteristics of the filter). Therefore the power used by the extractor fan is a small fraction of what it would be with a standard canopy.


In addition to TurboSwing canopies, Jeven are also bringing from Finland their Cyclone canopies. Cyclone filtration provides a higher filtering efficiency than baffle filtration, coupled with a greatly reduced pressure drop.


Both TurboSwing and Cyclone canopies are very easy to maintain. Without the need for any tools or the intervention of any technicians, all the filtering components can be detached, washed in a dishwasher and put back in place in a matter of seconds.


Jeven also offers free design service in all the countries where it operates. Customers can simply email a drawing of a kitchen showing its layout and the cooking equipment, and the design department makes the airflow calculations and provides the new drawings for DW172-compliant canopies. This service is and will remain free, and has been in place for many years.


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