Energy saving AirConcept from Meiko cuts need for ventilation canopies in dishwash area!

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Energy saving AirConcept from Meiko cuts need for ventilation canopies in dishwash area!
2 February 2014 22:30

The MEIKO Point2 AirConcept system is a new development that saves significant amounts of energy for Meiko’s most popular hood-type dishwashers and utensil washing machines.

Now available on Meiko hood-type machines including DV80.2/120.2/125.2/200.2/200.2PW dishwashers and FV130.2/250.2/270.2 utensil washers, the AirConcept will – in most cases – eliminate the need for an overhead Extraction canopy, saving many thousands of pounds for the user.

The wash up area will always require adequate ventilation, but by cutting the need for a dedicated overhead extraction canopy, Meiko has made installation very much easier. Overall, the combination of AirConcept and Meiko’s class-leading dish and utensil washers delivers outstanding value for money over the working life of the machine.”

AirConcept captures exhaust heat and feeds the hot air back into the machine to pre-heat incoming cold water, as part of a heat recovery process.

Fitted on Meiko’s popular DV80.2GiO hood-type dishwasher, AirConcept reduces the connected load of from an already low 8.5kW to 7.0kW, an amazing 17% saving.

The AirConcept reduces steam emissions by some 80% and radiated heat is cut by 1.3kW, greatly improving the climate within the wash-up area and resulting in an improved working environment.

Running cost savings of the Meiko DV80.2GiO pass-through dishwasher with AirConcept operating in a 7 day a week hotel environment, 6 hours a day, will deliver energy savings for the customer in the region of 3,285kW/hours, which at a kw/unit rate of 12p equates to a saving of approximately £395.00 in a one year period.

The AirConcept heat recovery unit delivers a payback of the initial investment of between 4 and 5 years at current energy prices, which will without a doubt continue to rise upwards. Add to this the saving on installing a conventional exhaust or condensate hood and it is clear that the Point2 AirConcept brings major advantages to the Meiko ware washing offer.


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