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2 February 2014 22:34

The DV80.2GiO is designed to wash crockery, cutlery and glassware and can also be supplied with a sorting station, creating a highly space-efficient warewashing solution.

With a maximum throughput of 60 racks per hour (1080 dinner plates), the DV80.2GiO will comfortably handle mixed loads of crockery, cutlery and glassware. Basket size is the industry standard 500mm x 500mm and the passing height of 440mm ensures the machine will also handle trays with ease. Three wash programmes offer 60, 90 and 210 second cycles to cope with light to heavy duty soiling.

An automatic hood option is ideal for operators of less than average height and is activated at the press of a button, which allows for opening and closing of the hood and the operation of the wash programme sequence.

Unlike other RO water treatment systems on the market GiO is contained within the machine footprint and needs no independent softener apparatus for pre-conditioning the incoming raw water and is therefore simpler to install and in the majority of instances, is a far more cost effective solution.

Meiko’s GiO reverse osmosis technology – unlike other makes of RO – DOES NOT NEED A WATER SOFTENER to pre-condition the incoming water – potentially saving thousands of litres of water over the life of the dishwasher (water softeners can use 86 LITRES PER REGENERATION – regeneration depends upon throughput demand, water hardness etc. Softeners regenerate usually at least weekly – so 86 x 52 weeks x 10 years = 44,720 (wasted) litres!).


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