The CHI range

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The CHI range
17 April 2014 10:36

Chi is a range of award-winning[1] coconut waters, milks and oil.  All of the products are 100% pure, natural, low in carbohydrates, low in sugar and low calorie.


Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water (330ml and 1L)?

This pure coconut water is never made from concentrate and is sourced from Thailand.  These coconuts have been selected due to their sweeter taste, creating a refreshing and hydrating drink.  The 100% Pure Coconut Water is available in a 330ml and a one-litre format, making it ideal for sharing occasions or for adding to recipes such as smoothies.


Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water & Mango (330ml)?

Created by combining the Pure Coconut Water with mango puree, this variation offers a sweeter tasting coconut drink.


Chi100% Pure Coconut Water & Pineapple (330ml)?

This variant mixes pure pineapple juice, never from concentrate, with the original Coconut Water.


Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water & Tropical Fruits (330ml)

Mango puree, pure pineapple juice and orange juice, never from concentrate, are blended with the original coconut water to make this variety.


Chi 100% Natural Chocolate Coconut Milk (330ml)

Made using high quality coconut cream blended with the finest cocoa, this variant also has the advantage of being low GI due to the use of coconut sugar and is a rich source of potassium.  This innovative product offers consumers a chocolate drink, which is both low-calorie and dairy free.


Chi 100% Natural Espresso Coconut Milk (330ml)

To create the Espresso Coconut Milk, coconut cream and coconut sugar are mixed with the finest coffee. This variant is dairy free and also prebiotic, which aids digestion.  This low calorie drink offers a coffee alternative and comes in re-sealable packaging, making it ideal for ‘on the go’ consumption.


Chi Coconut Oil

This 100% organic virgin coconut oil is created by cold-pressing coconuts, which retains the depth of flavour and high-nutritional content.  The oil is raw, unbleached and unfiltered.  The versatile coconut oil can be used in cooking and in beauty regimes.


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[1] Beverage Innovation Award, Best ready to drink coffee 2013

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