Hotelympia Restaurant Design Award 2016

The search for the most impressively designed new or refurbished full service restaurant in the UK is now over. Hotelympia, in association with GS Magazine announced the winner on the The Stage on Monday 29th Feb 2016. Bombay Brasserie took the award for Best Restaurant Design for its stunning interior. Fera (Claridges) and German Gymnasium were the two excellent runners up. The judges had an incredibly difficult task in selecting the overall winner. Hospitality design is highly competitive and we were lucky enough to have three of the best at Hotelympia 2016.

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*In this instance the term “Full Service" shall include dining establishments primarily engaged in providing quality food services to patrons who order and are served while seated and pay after eating. These establishments may sell alcoholic beverages, operate a bar or present live entertainment. Examples include hotel restaurants, dining lounges, family restaurants, fine-dining restaurants. Exclusions include day only cafes, food service establishments in which patrons order at a counter and pay before eating, fast food chains, bars, taverns, pubs and night clubs. For further clarification please contact Pippa Bowker or call +44 (0)20 7886 3020

**This competition is open to who have opened or re-launched since April 2014. The restaurant must be either a new-build or a completely refurbished site within the UK.